Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sign Up for NoMoreRack!

Have you signed up at No More Rack, yet? If you haven't, why not?! This site boasts 8 deals a day (they've added a new section, so there are more than 8 deals a day), and even a "friend rack" where you can earn free items from referrals!  They even have randomly showcased "INSANITY Deals" where they put an item like an Apple iPad up for as little as $43.20!   I've SEEN loads of these deals, but my computer is old and too slow to catch any of them before they sell out :( If you're speedy and have a bit of luck, there have been people who have gotten some of these items (on blogs that I follow).

So head on over and join No More Rack, and start getting great deals! Get your friends to join and earn free stuff!

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