Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oral Surgery, and Comic Conventions?!

Well, finally in 6 days, I will have these silly wisdom teeth removed! I'm actually really quite nervous, and I know it's a simple procedure, but I've never even had a cavity! I've been having nightmares about having the procedure done, and I'm not quite sure why I'm so rattled! I'll be glad to know that when it's all over, that I won't have to worry about these unwanted teeth causing any more problems. They've already messed up my once very straight teeth (though, not horribly, but *I*notice).  Since I do not currently have a lot of money (because J Magnolia Designs is NOT selling as much as I wish it were at this point, and Extraordinarily Digital IS selling, but the prices I charge there, I'd have to design 200 business cards to afford this surgery).


Anyway, onto news about J Magnolia Designs. I finally received my soldering gun (iron, whatever), in the mail, and I'm so psyched about putting it to good use. Now I can make some pretty sweet settings and things for rings, and pendants for necklaces. I won't lie, I love building things, so being able to solder metal together is awesome to me.  I'm just hoping this gives my jewelry an even more unique look, and it will bring me more success. I'm trying so hard! :C  I'm definitely happy that I can now make more interesting chain designs; something I couldn't do because of not being able to solder the chain links closed so the piece wouldn't fall apart. Needless to say, I'm excited!

Natural Amethyst and Freshwater Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings set $37

I've basically stopped buying any sort of pre-made pendants, and I'm going to focus a lot more on natural materials, like rough gemstones, and possibly wood (because I can also do some wood burning with my soldering iron).  I started out very basic, and I'm SO, SO thankful for the support I have from family and friends, and friends of friends, who bought my early pieces, that were well made, but lacking in creative design. When I started I was just trying to get things moving, to get myself into a position where I had enough stock in my shop that I didn't have to worry about missing a day or two here and there for other life things. Especially, now that my fiancĂ© is again, attending comic conventions, and I "moonlight"as his assistant/secretary/event coordinator/fan relations (basically PR), I am going to be doing a LOAD of traveling this summer, for his work.

So far, we'll be heading to Barcelona, Spain in May, and then the beginning of June we will be in Germany (Nuremberg, I believe?), then we will be going to Miami a few weeks after Germany.  We still have some up in the air scheduling, but since the traveling in May/June is going to really be a lot (a week in Spain and then  8 days in Germany),  we'll probably only going to schedule con appearances in the US for the remainder of the summer. Maybe. He was just invited to another con out of the country, but that won't happen until December, so at least there is a break! 

Speaking of my fiancĂ©, if anyone is in the Allentown, PA area, Rags will be appearing at the Great Allentown Comic Con, this Saturday (3/17).  He WILL be taking commissions, but head shots only ($75), and there will be a limit of 10 (first come, first serve). He will also be selling his 11"x17" prints, for $10, so if you don't have the money for an original, the prints are great, too!

Also! He is hosting a giveaway of his own over on his message board/website(look at the blog), though it requires some comic book knowledge, and a bit of participation. He's giving away a Hawkman Omnibus (selling for about $45 on Amazon these days, though it has an MSRP of $75). The first person to figure out where the "Family Guy"  'tributes', are in the FIRST WAVE books (this was a 6 issue limited series, that came out in 2010), will win the omnibus. No one has figured it out, yet, so you still have a chance if you are able to get a hold or already have the First Wave series.

I suppose that's all the chatter I have for today! Hope all is well with all of you out there, and hopefully, I'll have some awesome giveaways coming up soon! (as soon as I can recover financially from my oral surgery :( )

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  1. Dont' be too nervous about your wisdom teeth being pulled out ... but, I wish I knew about RESTORE Toothpaste (you can find at Amazon) and also Edgar Cayce's gum remedy before I had all my dental problems. I truly believe I wouldn't have had any gum or teeth problems at all. Just wanted to pass that along. It makes me think, "do dentists really want to prevent gum disease and teeth decay????"

    Love, Happiness and Peace to all.