Monday, March 19, 2012

Bally Wallet Giveaway--Last Hours to Enter!

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a Bally Leather Wallet (Value: $350)! We're down to the last hours of the giveaway, so if you haven't entered, do so now!

Wooden Bangle Bracelets, Wood Matters
I also wanted to stop by here and introduce you all to the gorgeous bangle bracelets, my fiancĂ©'s brother-in-law makes!  Here's the description taken from his facebook fanpage:

"Michael designs bangle bracelets using all natural exotic woods from Africa, Australia; North, Central and South America. The style of their construction is known as "segmented wood turning", a method much like assembling a unique puzzle. This method is enjoying a resurgence due to new cuts and designs made possible with new techniques and advanced adhesive products."

I have seen these bracelets in "person", and I can attest that they are GORGEOUS.  You will not be disappointed if you decide to treat yourself to one! He doesn't have a store set up, as I believe most of the orders will be "custom" orders (although, the designs he has showcased, I believe he will reproduce for you if you desire).   So please, stop by his facebook page, and check out the other designs! There is contact information on the page as well, for ordering/questions!  

Interested in "what the heck"segmented woodturning is? Click the term, I've linked it to the wikipedia page!  


Natural Green Jade Flower Necklace and Earrings Set $35.00
Mermaid Hair Comb $20.00

Now on to my own things!  I just relisted a few items on my store,yesterday, but the weekend has been so busy I haven't had a chance to mention them here! The first piece is a Natural Green Jade Flower Necklace and Earring Set! This set features wonderful green jade flowers, and the (handcrafted) silver plated, nickel free chain is adorned with milky green aventurine and 2mm rose quartz beads.

I really love this necklace, and this is actually the "second" time I've made it. I shouldn't say that! I actually deconstructed the first piece, and redesigned it, with better quality chain (nickel free, and tarnish resistant, instead of just silver plated). 

The second item that was relisted is actually a hair accessory! I know, I know, I barely make these any longer! I actually intended to ONLY sell hair accessories in the beginning, but then I became infatuated with jewelry design, and I rarely make hair accessories these days! Anyway, this gorgeous hair comb features a large faux seashell adorned with bright green feathers, hot pink flowers, rhinestones, and 'coins', all covered in "netting". It looks just like something a mermaid would wear! I think the piece would be GREAT for a summer beach party! It is rather heavy, so I do suggest that someone with thicker hair wear it . 

Yellow Vintage Bead and Crystal Set $12.00

For those with a more "vintage" taste, this necklace and earring set is constructed entirely from vintage beads I found at a local thrift shop! It's so fun! I like to call this the "sunshine" necklace, as it's got that bright yellow sunshine-y glow to it!  

There are a few other pieces on my store that are re-listed, so head on over and take a look! I'd really appreciate any kind of "spreading the word" anyone could do for me, as well! As Imentioned a few times in my other posts, I have some oral surgery coming up on wednesday (3/21), and it's going to cost me near $1000, and any amount of money I make from jewelry sales will help a lot !

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