Sunday, March 25, 2012

Want a Chance to Win an iPad 3?

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Have you signed up at No More Rack, yet? If you haven't, why not?! This site boasts 8 deals a day (they've added a new section, so there are more than 8 deals a day), and even a "friend rack" where you can earn free items from referrals!  They even have randomly showcased "INSANITY Deals" where they put an item like an Apple iPad up for as little as $43.20!   I've SEEN loads of these deals, but my computer is old and too slow to catch any of them before they sell out :( If you're speedy and have a bit of luck, there have been people who have gotten some of these items (on blogs that I follow).

So head on over and join No More Rack, and start getting great deals! Get your friends to join and earn free stuff!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bally Wallet Giveaway--Last Hours to Enter!

Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a Bally Leather Wallet (Value: $350)! We're down to the last hours of the giveaway, so if you haven't entered, do so now!

Wooden Bangle Bracelets, Wood Matters
I also wanted to stop by here and introduce you all to the gorgeous bangle bracelets, my fiancé's brother-in-law makes!  Here's the description taken from his facebook fanpage:

"Michael designs bangle bracelets using all natural exotic woods from Africa, Australia; North, Central and South America. The style of their construction is known as "segmented wood turning", a method much like assembling a unique puzzle. This method is enjoying a resurgence due to new cuts and designs made possible with new techniques and advanced adhesive products."

I have seen these bracelets in "person", and I can attest that they are GORGEOUS.  You will not be disappointed if you decide to treat yourself to one! He doesn't have a store set up, as I believe most of the orders will be "custom" orders (although, the designs he has showcased, I believe he will reproduce for you if you desire).   So please, stop by his facebook page, and check out the other designs! There is contact information on the page as well, for ordering/questions!  

Interested in "what the heck"segmented woodturning is? Click the term, I've linked it to the wikipedia page!  


Natural Green Jade Flower Necklace and Earrings Set $35.00
Mermaid Hair Comb $20.00

Now on to my own things!  I just relisted a few items on my store,yesterday, but the weekend has been so busy I haven't had a chance to mention them here! The first piece is a Natural Green Jade Flower Necklace and Earring Set! This set features wonderful green jade flowers, and the (handcrafted) silver plated, nickel free chain is adorned with milky green aventurine and 2mm rose quartz beads.

I really love this necklace, and this is actually the "second" time I've made it. I shouldn't say that! I actually deconstructed the first piece, and redesigned it, with better quality chain (nickel free, and tarnish resistant, instead of just silver plated). 

The second item that was relisted is actually a hair accessory! I know, I know, I barely make these any longer! I actually intended to ONLY sell hair accessories in the beginning, but then I became infatuated with jewelry design, and I rarely make hair accessories these days! Anyway, this gorgeous hair comb features a large faux seashell adorned with bright green feathers, hot pink flowers, rhinestones, and 'coins', all covered in "netting". It looks just like something a mermaid would wear! I think the piece would be GREAT for a summer beach party! It is rather heavy, so I do suggest that someone with thicker hair wear it . 

Yellow Vintage Bead and Crystal Set $12.00

For those with a more "vintage" taste, this necklace and earring set is constructed entirely from vintage beads I found at a local thrift shop! It's so fun! I like to call this the "sunshine" necklace, as it's got that bright yellow sunshine-y glow to it!  

There are a few other pieces on my store that are re-listed, so head on over and take a look! I'd really appreciate any kind of "spreading the word" anyone could do for me, as well! As Imentioned a few times in my other posts, I have some oral surgery coming up on wednesday (3/21), and it's going to cost me near $1000, and any amount of money I make from jewelry sales will help a lot !

Friday, March 16, 2012

Bally Wallet Flash Giveaway!!

I lied I got in on this giveaway, because I haven't done one in a while! Thanks to I Love My Kids Blog for hosting the giveaway!
Welcome to our Bally Wallet Flash Giveaway! I love my kids blog has partnered with Awesome Blogger friends to bring you this exciting giveaway. Over the next 3 days you can enter for your chance to win the following prize: 
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This is a 100% Authentic natural skinand has been especially tanned for a rich, deep color and soft texture.
The chic and sophisticated 'Bimba' from Bally is made of leather. ; Holds your credit cards, bills, currency and identification ; Dimensions: 7  x 1/2  x 4. Country of origin: Switzerland
Use the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win. Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on Monday night - 3/19/12.
Have a great week and good luck!
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oral Surgery, and Comic Conventions?!

Well, finally in 6 days, I will have these silly wisdom teeth removed! I'm actually really quite nervous, and I know it's a simple procedure, but I've never even had a cavity! I've been having nightmares about having the procedure done, and I'm not quite sure why I'm so rattled! I'll be glad to know that when it's all over, that I won't have to worry about these unwanted teeth causing any more problems. They've already messed up my once very straight teeth (though, not horribly, but *I*notice).  Since I do not currently have a lot of money (because J Magnolia Designs is NOT selling as much as I wish it were at this point, and Extraordinarily Digital IS selling, but the prices I charge there, I'd have to design 200 business cards to afford this surgery).


Anyway, onto news about J Magnolia Designs. I finally received my soldering gun (iron, whatever), in the mail, and I'm so psyched about putting it to good use. Now I can make some pretty sweet settings and things for rings, and pendants for necklaces. I won't lie, I love building things, so being able to solder metal together is awesome to me.  I'm just hoping this gives my jewelry an even more unique look, and it will bring me more success. I'm trying so hard! :C  I'm definitely happy that I can now make more interesting chain designs; something I couldn't do because of not being able to solder the chain links closed so the piece wouldn't fall apart. Needless to say, I'm excited!

Natural Amethyst and Freshwater Pearl Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings set $37

I've basically stopped buying any sort of pre-made pendants, and I'm going to focus a lot more on natural materials, like rough gemstones, and possibly wood (because I can also do some wood burning with my soldering iron).  I started out very basic, and I'm SO, SO thankful for the support I have from family and friends, and friends of friends, who bought my early pieces, that were well made, but lacking in creative design. When I started I was just trying to get things moving, to get myself into a position where I had enough stock in my shop that I didn't have to worry about missing a day or two here and there for other life things. Especially, now that my fiancé is again, attending comic conventions, and I "moonlight"as his assistant/secretary/event coordinator/fan relations (basically PR), I am going to be doing a LOAD of traveling this summer, for his work.

So far, we'll be heading to Barcelona, Spain in May, and then the beginning of June we will be in Germany (Nuremberg, I believe?), then we will be going to Miami a few weeks after Germany.  We still have some up in the air scheduling, but since the traveling in May/June is going to really be a lot (a week in Spain and then  8 days in Germany),  we'll probably only going to schedule con appearances in the US for the remainder of the summer. Maybe. He was just invited to another con out of the country, but that won't happen until December, so at least there is a break! 

Speaking of my fiancé, if anyone is in the Allentown, PA area, Rags will be appearing at the Great Allentown Comic Con, this Saturday (3/17).  He WILL be taking commissions, but head shots only ($75), and there will be a limit of 10 (first come, first serve). He will also be selling his 11"x17" prints, for $10, so if you don't have the money for an original, the prints are great, too!

Also! He is hosting a giveaway of his own over on his message board/website(look at the blog), though it requires some comic book knowledge, and a bit of participation. He's giving away a Hawkman Omnibus (selling for about $45 on Amazon these days, though it has an MSRP of $75). The first person to figure out where the "Family Guy"  'tributes', are in the FIRST WAVE books (this was a 6 issue limited series, that came out in 2010), will win the omnibus. No one has figured it out, yet, so you still have a chance if you are able to get a hold or already have the First Wave series.

I suppose that's all the chatter I have for today! Hope all is well with all of you out there, and hopefully, I'll have some awesome giveaways coming up soon! (as soon as I can recover financially from my oral surgery :( )

Thursday, March 8, 2012

After a long, long wait...

Shimmering Green Czech Glass "bib" Necklace $25.00
I have...two new pieces of jewelry stocked over at J Magnolia Designs! I know, I know *takes a bow*. It's been SO LONG, but after a lot of positive feedback about just buying bulk chain, instead of killing myself over making my own,I took the plunge, and gosh it makes things so much easier/quicker (better cost for everyone). Now, I still do some of the chain work in pieces, but things that I design that have small chainwork involved, that would otherwise take me 2-4 hours to do, I just buy lengths of chain for. I know, it's not ALL handmade now, but I promise you once I have better tools that make chain making more cost AND time efficient I'll probably go back to it (because it does make me feel really accomplished when I finish chains).

Wire Wrapped Citrine Pendant Necklace $15.00
Though, a few people pointed out that most people DON'T make their own chains, unless it's a specialty chain (which, I can't wait to make really cool looking pieces once I have my soldering gun :D).  Unfortunately, it's just so much more cost effective--especially for the buyer-- if you bought pre-made. It gets RIDICULOUSLY expensive when you have to factor in time it took to make a piece (because yes, artists do bill on time, not just materials- we like most people, do not work "for free").  

Anyway, this is going to work out great for me, because now I can spend more time making cool focal pieces, and doing nicer beadwork, without having to worry about the fact I have to spend an additional couple hours throwing together 16"-20" of chain to finish a piece. I can work on my wire wrapping, and my bead work, and well, all sorts of things! So, I'm very excited about being able to not only produce faster, but just make more interesting pieces. I'm probably going to get pretty out there with some, because i have some really awesome ideas in my head, that as soon as I get my soldering iron (gun, whatever you want to call it, I call it an iron, but my fiancé claims that term is dated), I'm going to be fabricating a whole slew of new things.  Now! I just need to sell a lot more often so I can continue justifying making more! :P  Head on over to J Magnolia Designs and check out what I have for sale--there are over 100 items in my shop!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Works in Progress

Since I haven't had anything "NEW" in a long, long time, I thought I'd give you all a sneak peak at the jewelry that is currently "in the works".  At this point, it's a matter of making chains for them, or, purchasing chains. I think the wire wrapped citrine will have a pre-made chain, as I tend to prefer creating the chains for my beaded pieces. I suppose it will all depend on what I find! 

In other news, my one custom order hasn't responded in a day or so, so I'm not sure if she still wants me to make the piece, or she decided against it.  I wish etsy's "spam"policies weren't so harsh, I'm terrified of messaging the customer again, to inquire if she still wants the piece, in fear that she'll think I'm trying to push a sale on her, and report me to etsy! Once they've decided you're guilty of spamming and they deactivate your account, there is pretty much no going back! They really need to fix the system, because I've seen quite a few well-meaning people lose their accounts over misunderstandings. I won't get into how there are tons and tons of resellers on etsy that disregard the etsy TOS that still have accounts--but unfortunate people who accidentally irritate someone, get their accounts deleted.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Don't Worry, I Didn't Forget About My Blog

Aurora Borealis Heart Earrings .930 Silver $22.00
Sure feels like I have, though! Apologies for the lack of updates, but I've been so busy lately with two custom jewelry projects, a custom graphics set,  and on top of all that scheduling all the convention appearance for my fiancé, I haven't had a moment to come by and at least say "hello".

I can't say I'm not happy about being busy, though! My fiancé told me to "think positive" and things would start looking up (I'm a terrible pessimistic person). I suppose they have, seeing as this is a break in a month long dry spell as far as sales, go.  I'm working so hard to make this business venture work for me, because I'd really, REALLY prefer working from home, and being able to handle all the business matters for my fiancé, too, so he can focus more on meeting his [way more strict] deadlines.  I just wasn't able to juggle my last full time job (I was an optician), AND help him out, because I was so exhausted by the time I came home. 

Swirled Blue Glass Necklace and Earrings $25.00
I have a better sense of self worth, and pride in my work, now that I'm working for myself.  I'm not trying so hard to live up to another person's unrealistic expectations. I like that when something goes wrong, the only person I can blame is myself. 

Plus, since I've been a work from home artist, I've been more involved in fun things online, such as blog rings, and being able to participate in fun giveaways! I've learned tons about couponing, and finding fantastic deals--and I'm loving everyone minute of it!

This was a lot of rambling, I apologise! I just wanted to say hello to you all (I have double the amount of followers since the last time I made a post, so "hello" to all the new followers).