Thursday, March 8, 2012

After a long, long wait...

Shimmering Green Czech Glass "bib" Necklace $25.00
I have...two new pieces of jewelry stocked over at J Magnolia Designs! I know, I know *takes a bow*. It's been SO LONG, but after a lot of positive feedback about just buying bulk chain, instead of killing myself over making my own,I took the plunge, and gosh it makes things so much easier/quicker (better cost for everyone). Now, I still do some of the chain work in pieces, but things that I design that have small chainwork involved, that would otherwise take me 2-4 hours to do, I just buy lengths of chain for. I know, it's not ALL handmade now, but I promise you once I have better tools that make chain making more cost AND time efficient I'll probably go back to it (because it does make me feel really accomplished when I finish chains).

Wire Wrapped Citrine Pendant Necklace $15.00
Though, a few people pointed out that most people DON'T make their own chains, unless it's a specialty chain (which, I can't wait to make really cool looking pieces once I have my soldering gun :D).  Unfortunately, it's just so much more cost effective--especially for the buyer-- if you bought pre-made. It gets RIDICULOUSLY expensive when you have to factor in time it took to make a piece (because yes, artists do bill on time, not just materials- we like most people, do not work "for free").  

Anyway, this is going to work out great for me, because now I can spend more time making cool focal pieces, and doing nicer beadwork, without having to worry about the fact I have to spend an additional couple hours throwing together 16"-20" of chain to finish a piece. I can work on my wire wrapping, and my bead work, and well, all sorts of things! So, I'm very excited about being able to not only produce faster, but just make more interesting pieces. I'm probably going to get pretty out there with some, because i have some really awesome ideas in my head, that as soon as I get my soldering iron (gun, whatever you want to call it, I call it an iron, but my fiancĂ© claims that term is dated), I'm going to be fabricating a whole slew of new things.  Now! I just need to sell a lot more often so I can continue justifying making more! :P  Head on over to J Magnolia Designs and check out what I have for sale--there are over 100 items in my shop!

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