Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Giveaway and New Items!

I am pleased to announce that you have a chance to win a pair of OOAK Aurora Borealis Style Heart Earrings over at Green-mama-jama's blog ! There is a giveaway blog hop going on now, so be sure to enter not only for a chance to win a pair of my earrings, but for other great items as well! Here are the earrings that are in the giveaway:

Enter Here

Since I haven't updated in a while, I have a few new items in my store as well! I've been slow to make jewelry, as I opened ANOTHER etsy store, catering to designing banners/avatars for fellow etsians. I was getting tired of seeing designers charging etsy members an arm and a leg for simple banner and avatar designs, so I decided to open up shop and sell AFFORDABLE custom/premade designs for etsy sellers. It's called Extraordinarily Digital, and if you're an etsy seller, check it out! Trust me, I actually put some time into my work there--don't use my blog layout as any type of example of my work XD I'm not much of a web designer any longer, so I don't have the time to customize this as I'd like!

Hematite Star Necklace $25

Sterling Silver "Wooden" Shoe Charm Earrings .930 Argentium silver ear wires

Natural Green Agate Bracelet $15

Jet Black Crystal Earrings $15.00

If you've been following me (or my life) via this blog, you'll know that I'm always looking for ways to make money online. A lot of us spend a good chunk of our down time pa-doodling around the internet, so why not use that time constructively? How? Earn some extra money! Everyone loves earning money without spending money so the following links are for sites, that  I've been QUITE successful in making some extra bucks, and I recommend EVERYONE join!

As always, if you haven't signed up for swag bucks yet, why aren't you listening to me?! This is seriously the BEST way(and the most fun IMO) to earn money on the net!

If you're looking for other easy ways to earn some extra cash, then also join! Basically, you're paid per commercial you watch (anywhere from .01 up to about .50). You can earn up to $10 a week ($40/month). Sometimes they ask you to answer a few questions about the commercials you just watched, but it's really easy (simple marketing questions).  Join now and start earning some easy cash!

This last one requires some legwork, and you'll want to invite as many people as possible to join your network. It's invite only, so no one can join unless they have an invite code. It's called "Superpoints Network", and it's actually quite easy to use. As long as you fill out your profile, you will have 30 spins of the "Super Lucky Button" every day. You can win loads of points from pressing the button, and also you'll win when you're friends win (so invite everyone)!  I have some extra codes, so feel free to use them! Grab them fast though, they can only be used by ONE PERSON!

Invite Token Links:

That's all I have today, hopefully I'll start treating this blog with a little more respect!

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