Monday, February 27, 2012

Target Knows You're Pregnant! (among other things)

            I'm a few days late posting this (about 2 weeks since the article about retailer tracking appeared in the NY Times--though I wasn't so naive to think retailer tracking wasn't happening).  Next time you swipe that frequent shopper card, use your credit or debit card, remember; they're watching you! o.O

Apparently, they can track when a woman has missed her period by analyzing data, thus being able to sneak in coupons for baby related items, whilst making it seem totally normal that they're sending it to you.

Sure, this is a great thing on one hand, seeing as retailers will send coupons and deals specifically relating to your shopping habits/what you actually buy. But really, where is the line at what they can monitor? I don't particularly think it's normal for them to need to know when I've moved, or what other websites I visit online!

Colbert tells this story in a much more humorous way than NY Times, though it is a rather unnerving topic.

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1 comment:

  1. I saw this Colbert ... what a hoot. Kinda creepy what retailers do though ... I mean "where's the fun in that" as Jane would say from Firefly series.

    Happiness to all.