Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swagbucks is Giving Away $4000!

If you haven't gotten on the swagbucks train yet, get on now!  In celebration of their 4th birthday, they've giving away $1000 to 4 lucky swagbucks members!  Not only that, but join today and earn an additional 110 swagbucks if you join using this link! When signing up, enter the swagcode BIRTHDAYBASH12 to get your 110 swagbucks, which will net you 140 total for your sign up (instead of the normal 30).   YOU MUST sign up via THIS LINK, or else you will not get the extra swagbucks. Additionally, this code is ONLY good for NEW SIGN UPS.

Swagbucks is fantastic, and if you're looking for a way to earn a few extra bucks, or for that matter if you're more dedicated you'll earn A LOT more than a few extra bucks! I'm fairly new to the world of swagbucks, but I have friends who used their earnings to do all their christmas shopping this past season! Sounds like a sweet deal, huh? The site is FREE, so it really can't get much better!  Let's just put it this way, the 3200+ points I have right now, gets me about $20 in amazon gift cards. The best part? I didn't pay a single cent to get it.

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