Friday, February 24, 2012

Antique Brass Owl Necklace and Earring Set $27.50
I apologise for the lack of updates lately, I have been struggling with some pain from my wisdom teeth (which have finally decided to announce their entrance to the world--14 years after my dentist noticed them growing in).  I've been spending a lot of time trying to find an oral surgeon who isn't CRAZY expensive, seeing as I have NO insurance, and the only funds I have come from my etsy shops (which are not selling enough to pay for tooth extraction, I can tell you that). More debt for this little lady :(  I've been really working my booty off trying to find some freelance design work, to no avail (other than the design contests on 

Anyway, enough with the bad news. Since I haven't been able to make anything new for awhile, I thought I'd stop by and showcase a re-listed item,  that I'm very proud of (and wondering why it hasn't sold yet).  It's my antique brass Owl Pendent Necklace and Earrings set! It features antique brass owl heads, and hand made chain (yes, like all my jewelry!)

I've sold you, right? You absolutely want to buy this, I bet!  If this isn't your style, I bet you have a friend that would like it?  Am I right? I sure hope so... :P

That's all I really have today, as I said things have been slow, I've been slow, life is slow. I really need some positive energy and good thoughts flowing my way, hopefully my businesses will pick up soon, so I can stop worrying so much!

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