Monday, January 2, 2012

Late Night Shenanigans

Whatever the reason was, I stayed up until 4:30AM working on jewelry. I suppose I caught a second wind, after a long, long boring day of being uninspired.

Okay, actually, I walked into my studio to quick make a pair of earrings, and a mutant stink bug attacked, then flew out into the hallway. I had no other choice but to close the door and stay in and work some more, until my fiancé came up to save me about an hour later (he works with his headphones on, in his studio downstairs, so I figured yelling would have been in vain).

Anyway! I was productive, so that's what counts (so thank you stink bug, and I apologise for ending your life later in the evening).  Here are the two newest pieces in my store:

Tiered Gold Chain Necklace $35.00

Yellow Flower Millefiore Glass Earrings $7.50

I'll tell you that Tiered Gold Chain Necklace, is what kept me up so late! I start things like that at the most inconvenient times! Since I make all my chains from wire (not premade jump rings), when I do a chain heavy piece, you're looking at a good 3-6 hours of work, depending on how small I decide I want the chain links. I am always so proud of them when I'm finished, however, because I know how much time, and care went into each piece.

Anyway! I hope you all had a great New Year's, and expect more from my blog in 2012. I plan to utilize the service more, as it's a good way to reach people I may  not by simply posting on etsy, facebook, and twitter. Feel free to follow me, and I'll be sure to follow your blog as well! :)

If anyone out there is interested in hosting a giveaway, let me know! I'd be more than happy to participate in one :)

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