Friday, December 30, 2011

New Items at J Magnolia Designs!

FINALLY! I had the time to sit down and actually work today! Every time I think I'm going to have the day to do nothing but work, I end up having to do a million other things. I suppose those are the woes of working from home... I need to simply dedicate an 8 hour work day, much as I would have been forced to do if I was still working for someone else.  Work from home discipline is a tough thing to learn!

Anyway, enough with my babbling here are three new items JUST added to my store :)

Natural Aventurine Wire Wrapped Ring, Nickel Free $15

Liquid Blue Jewel and Copper Bib Necklace $55

Sparkling Natural Quartz Gemstone .930 Silver Hoop Earrings $25

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