Friday, July 29, 2011

Giveaways, for real this time!

There are two giveaways being hosted for me currently, and I want to let everyone in on them!

First, is one being hosted through Green MaM-a JaM-a's blog! It is a "back to school" event, and I have offered up a child's size "adult" bracelet. 

It is strung on super durable elastic beading cord (NOT the stuff in the kiddie jewelry making packages), and features acrylic crackle beads, and swarovski crystals. It'll make your little girl feel like well, a little princess! :) Go check out green-mama-jama's blog 
to enter to win my giveaway and the  many others she has going on! As well as read reviews on green baby products :)

The other giveaway is being hosted on, simply go to the site, sign up for free, and enter to win my Amethyst and Black Freshwater Pearl bracelet and earring set! 

It's all free and the site is REALLY easy to use. Enter to win not only one of my pieces, but loads of other things as well!

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