Thursday, July 28, 2011


Okay, so as well as being a (super) small business "owner", I am also an independent sales representative for AVON. Yeah, yeah, I know! It was a desperate attempt to bring in some extra cash when I was waiting for unemployment to go through. WELL, I figure AVON is a good way to do some fundraising. It's easy and they do almost everything for you.

Why am I  blogging about this? Simply because I want to focus my AVON business on fundraising.  Here's how it works!

1.Contact me to tell me about a NON-PROFIT that you think could use some extra funding. Be it a place you volunteer at, or a place that you know is struggling and is trying to do good work for the community. 

2. We discuss what fundraising items you want to use. AVON does not do the entire catalog for fundraising options. They have certain collections set aside for these events. Including cosmetics (cruelty free),nail care and fragrance, Naturals Bath Products, and Skin So soft.

3. Once we decide, I'll set up an "online event" for the non-profit, with a code that all customers wanting to participate can enter at checkout.

4. AVON gives me 50% of the profits for a fundraising event. I can decide how much of that goes to the organizations. I'm asking for only 10% of the profits(since I will be having to do all the work as far as collecting and distributing), and the other 40% will go to the NON-PROFIT.

SO! If you're interested in fundraising, please let me know! I'll be more than happy to set something up for your organization.

I'm especially interested in fundraising for NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTERS. If you know of one needing help, please get in touch with me!  

Since I'm a advocate for the Pit Bull breed, if you have a non-profit no-kill rescue for these dogs(or other bully breeds), and the organization is doing good for this breed--by educating, and representing them in a good light--I will donate the entire 50% of profits to your organization! :)   

Contact me, if you are interested in AVON fundraising, together we'll make a difference for the organization of your choice :)

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