Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some New Items, and Upon Other things!

Well, the last time I posted it was about getting a new camera, and well, I received it about a week
and a half ago! I've already had a couple sales since changing all my photos, so *fingers crossed* that this is REALLY what my shop needed!

Now I also posted about using pre-made chains.  It's saved me a lot of time when I'm doing wire wrapped pendants, that's for sure. I can now focus more on those sorts of things, instead of feeling overwhelmed by doing all the wrapping work, and then realising I still have to make the
Wire Wrapped Labradorite Pendant $30
chain! The photo on the right, displays the "process" that chains are made.  Starting out as wire (usually 18-22g, depending on how fine I want the chain), I coil a whooooole bunch of it, then cut each individual ring--all I have is one pair of small flush cutters, and when you're dealing with 2mm jump rings, you can't do much more than cut one at a time. After I have a pile of them, I start linking each ring, one by one. The whole process would take me  2+ hours, depending on how long I needed the chain. Now, when I make pieces that are basically ALL chain, such as what's pictured on the left (and has sold, so unfortunately it is not available any longer), I certainly won't be using pre-made chains, because that would just make me look lazy. There's nothing special about attaching pre-made chains together. So for any jewelry that is MOSTLY just chain, I will still create the chain myself. 

On to new items! Since I'm able to work a bit more freely now with wire wrapping, I've made two new pendants (both on sterling silver chains). The first is a wire wrapped piece of labradorite adorned with a tiny hematite star. The pendant measures about 1.5".  I also wrapped a piece of kiwi jasper, in a very "simple" fashion, because I just liked the color of the gemstone so much I didn't want to take over too much with a lot of wire (not that I didn't adore the labradorite, it just begged to be wrapped in more).  
Wire Wrapped Kiwi Jasper $30

Wire Wrapped Crystal Earrings

Hammered-Half Hoop Earrings $18.00
I also created some SUPER light weight hammered aluminum earrings, with swarovski crystals, and really shiny copper beads. I realized how good of a "close up" my camera does, when I realised I could see it's reflection in the copper beads! 

I also created some very primitive looking half hoops, that adorned with greenish, blue gemstones (which I believe are chrysocolla).

As you can see, my new camera certainly captures my jewelry A LOT better than my iPhone!  Needless to say, it definitely inspires me to work more! It was tough when your camera just wasn't capturing things the way it should. Now, I can get  up-close, detailed shots, that compliment my work. Before it was just a basic "over view" and any enlargement of the photo would just give you a grainy close up.

That's all I have for today! Be on the look out in the next couple of days, for  two gift card giveaways!

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