Friday, August 19, 2011

Camp Papillon Fund-raiser a reminder to everyone--

Please visit my AVON e-store and shop my EVENT page to help out a local no-kill animal rescue in my area! Camp Papillon is currently trying to raise funds to build a sanctuary for animals, so that they are able to take care of more future pets, so they don't end up in a high kill shelter. The sanctuary will temporarily house the adoptable pets until they find their forever home, as well as be a place for the unadoptable, old and sick animals to spend the rest of their days in comfort.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 in total sales right now we have a small $115. Please help, buy your favourite AVON products, try something new, or buy a gift for a friend! If we get 2,000 people to buy $10 worth of merchandise we'd have have quadrupled our goal.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, here I am on my newly purchased section of the intrawebs. This will be the base for my jewelry design company, as well as my modeling page (and maybe I'll combine the two and be a massive enterprise of awesome). 

I'm still going to be using etsy as my storefront, because, well I'm lazy, and it's the best thing out there. Maybe if my sales pick up, I'll work on getting a google store front, that way I can manage everything myself.

So, here I am. Hopefully, I did all my DNS redirects correctly or no one will ever see this. XD

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hello, empty space.

I know, I haven't posted in a few days! With all the giveaways I had going on, my AVON fundraiser for Camp Papillon animal rescue , and trying to get up a shell of a site for my fiance Rags Morales, I haven't had a single moment to type a blog--or for that matter, make jewelry for my etsy store. I've got all these ideas, and new materials and haven't had the time for any of them!

I'm hoping once I get the website for Rags finished, I can start my own for my craft business. I do wish, however, I had done it the other way around, because Rags site is a "work in progress", as I haven't built an actual website for three years, and unfortunately, three years is a lot of time for change in the world of web design. I've been up until 4AM most nights scripting, editing graphics, and doing general SEO stuff to get the site going and to make people aware of it.

As far as my jewelry giveaways, both are over! The winner of the "Back to School Giveaway" on  Green-Mama-Jama's blog was Amy McCarty. So, congrats Amy!
Your bracelet is on the way! :)

The ADGA winner has yet to be revealed to me, but the giveaway filled up so fast, they ended it a month early XD I suppose, that's a good sign!

Alright, that's all I have for you guys right now. I need to get back to work on all the projects I have going! I'll keep you all updated on my etsy store as soon as I have new merchandise:)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hey everyone don't forget to stock up on your favorite AVON products and help out Camp Papillon at the same time! Visit my estore and go to the events tab to shop the fundraiser and help camp papillon closer to their goal of building a sanctuary for animals in need!

Camp Papillon is a no kill shelter. For more information on their organization ease visit their website at

To shop the event please visit my estore:
And go to the events tab!

Also I just found this on Facebook. Why did I not know this existed? You better believe my pitt bull, Freddie, is going to have one of these! A Vick chew toy. If only he could feel it every time a dog chewed on one.

Let Your Dog Bite Back!