Monday, May 21, 2012

Again, my leave of absence takes a toll on my blog!  I can't even say I was busy, but I've had an overwhelming feeling of tiredness, since I returned from our trip from Spain on 5/7.

It was my first time out of the US, and I have to say, it was enlightening.  I've been to many places in the US, but never have I come home with such a sad feeling. Barcelona was a wonderful city, and the convention hosts were fantastic.  Many new friends were made,  new foods were tried, and overall, I really hope we get to go back to Barcelona (or another city in Spain for that matter).  I'd say more about my trip, since I haven't made a post about it here, but the majority of my post would be about food, since we didn't have a lot of time after the convention, to do much else! Though, I will happily go to any city, and only get to experience the food!  I do need to mention, that I was thoroughly disappointed coming back to the US and having to go back to having to constantly question "where" and "how" my food ended up at the grocery store (even though we shop for produce at a local organic/health food shop--I still question all that doesn't come from my garden).   Other than the food, coffee has been forever ruined for me! There is nothing quite like spanish coffee :)

When I returned home, I also found that the majority of my vegetable seedlings had wilted or about died on me.  I am happy to report, that my small banana plant is growing strong! I know it will take up to two years for a dwarf banana to start bearing fruit, but they're such neat looking plants, I had to have one. 

I'm really hoping that my 20 tomato plants that were growing strong before we left, come back. Some are regaining their green, and sprouting new leaves, so I'm hoping--especially since I transplanted them-- that it was just a case of crazy shock.  I can't lose my entire tomato crop AGAIN this year (last year I had plants, but the mice that lived next to my garden attacked them all).

Wrapped Labradorite on sterling silver chain $30

Other exciting news, is that it's been ONE YEAR since I opened J Magnolia Designs. In honor of it, I bought myself  a new wig jig (the beadalon centaur), so that I can make more uniform findings for my earrings/necklaces/etc. I've needed one for a while, as it's hard to make decorative wire pieces uniform for things like earrings, without one. They come out almost perfect, but I would prefer an easier way to do it.  I broke my metal punch  the first day of using it, which I was rather annoyed about, but what can you do?  I bought a cheap one, and that was my own fault.   I may decide to do a giveaway in the near future, but right now, I can't afford to give anything away!

Otherwise, things have been fairly stressful, as I'm running low on saved funds, and I'm starting to get really worried that things are not going to turn out the way I hoped. I've been doing a lot of odd jobs in an attempt to at least earn a p/t income, so I have that, but it's been tough. My anxiety level is definitely at a high!

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